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Everyone's talking about artificial intelligence, what about artificial wisdom? What could it be and do?

Saturday 7th August 10:00am

The Pavilion in the Park, Peterborough

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So, when did my "Bunny" become your "Rabbit"

Saturday 14th October in the Orchard Tearoom, Grantchester

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What is the meaning of life when for many it is suffering and homelessness. How to maintain a warm heart in a harsh world

I the pavilion in Central PArk

Saturday 2nd September 10:10am In the pavilion in Central Park

Events Programme

The School of Philosophy Cambridge holds indoor, outdoor and online events across Cambridgeshire every month. Have a browse below to see which one fires your curiosity, then register and get ready to enjoy Philosophical conversation with like-minded people in a pleasant and friendly setting.

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Human beings or human doings? Action or inaction?

Saturday 4th Febriary

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Second Saturday Philosophy

February 11th

Orchaerd Tearoom

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Next year?

Any topic suggestions?

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