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In-Person Peterborough
Foundation course 1,
The Philosophy of Love

Wednesday 11th January for 10 weeks

At Friends Meeting House, Thorpe Road, Peterborough.

This 10-week course uses Philosophy to put life into focus. It starts from that which unites human beings.  There is no shortage of what divides us in today’s uncertain world.  But using mindfulness practices, and universal teachings from spiritual teachers, past and present, East and West, we can so enhance our day to day lives that peace, well–being, contentment and light start to permeate our being.

Practical Philosophy, Cambridge
"The part played by Love"
In-person physical meetings
The Annex, St Andrew's Hall, Cambridge
From January 10th for 10 weeks. £60

Register online below or at the venue on the first evening

Philosophy tackles this question head-on and explores practical means for building happiness.

We are an enthusiastic group investigating these and allied issues and would welcome new participants.

We are an enthusiastic group investigating these and allied issues and would welcome new participants.

The meetings will be held on Tuesday evenings at the St Luke’s Church Community Centre, Tibbatts Room, Victoria Road, Cambridge CB4 3DZ

Zen Stones
Old World Map

Saturday Morning Economics

Offshore and its Discontents

Economic injustice has crept into the global financial landscape and distorted our economy so that for increasing numbers of people, freedom and prosperity have become more elusive.


This five week course will trace some of the developments that have allowed this to happen.


The examples considered will take us to many different places around the world, emphasising how increasingly interconnected economic and financial
affairs have become; a fact which presents its own challenges in seeking remedies.
No previous knowledge of economics is necessary.

Plato Study Group


We meet informally at the Orchard Tea Gardens at Grantchester on Tuesday afternoons, from 2.30-4.00 pm. We will be studying one of the dialogues of Plato, who has been called the ‘father of western philosophy’.  Anybody is welcome to join us. No previous acquaintance with Plato is necessary. There is no charge although people are encouraged to purchase refreshments at the Orchard.

The first meeting next term will be in spring 2022

If you are interested in joining, please contact

John De Val.

The Death of Socrates
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