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About Us

A philosophy of harmony and one-ness

Using the mindful practices of philosophical traditions across the world to make life more satisfying, interesting and fulfilling

The School of Philosophy Cambridge was started in The 1990s to provide a convenient way for people in Cambridgeshire to explore Practical Philosophy. It was formed as a branch of The School of Philosophy and Economic Science in London


See the bottom of this page for some thoughts from current students.


The method used is based on a well-known principle that real understanding arises only through practical experience. Each student is therefore encouraged neither to accept nor reject the Philosophical principles of the East and West that are set before them, but to put them into practice and evaluate their worth on the basis of what they find.

The Philosophical traditions from which this approach to Philosophy is drawn are far reaching; from Plato, Socrates and the Stoics, to Zen and the Advaita Philosophy of India, up to contemporary Philosophic thinking

Students at The School of Philosophy Cambridge meet each week in discussion groups with a tutor, who is also a student of the school. None of our Philosophy tutors receive any payment for teaching; their time is given freely.


At The School of Philosophy Cambridge, we offer several courses throughout the year, across several sites in Cambridge, Peterborough and Saffron Walden. The courses are part time and can fit around your daily life. Click the button below to find out more and register.

Smiling Friends


There are many events every year ranging from lectures at the Orchard Tearooms in Grantchester to explorations of current topics in a pub in Helpston or the Central Park in Peterborough

Incorporating practical philosophy into my thoughts and lifestyle has utterly changed me for the better.  I am calmer, less reactive and far less stressed than I was 4 years ago.  PP had given me the tools to live my best life, and rediscover myself. 


I highly recommend the philosophy courses. My course is lead by Michael, who is friendly and insightful. The course gives you practical advice on leading a more harmonious and fulfilling life. I enjoy class discussions. The different perspectives provided by other students makes me realise that everyone is on their own unique journey. I have been attending for the past 3 years and will be coming back next term!


'I've been attending philosophy classes for a couple of years or so now and always find them to be very interesting and helpful too. To hear our everyday circumstances spoken of in philosophic terms showing us different ways of looking at life can be a real revelation. If you then put these ideas into practice your daily life becomes a much happier and more peaceful experience! Highly recommended.'


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