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Wisdom is the art of living life truly and happily. . .


The School of Philosophy, Cambridge exists to make the great Philosophical teachings of the world available to everyone. We offer introductory courses which allow you to explore those all important life questions, using simple mindfulness exercises to test out the thoughts of the great Philosophers, and to make them useful in every day life.

Our students gain a great opportunity to enjoy the company of like-minded, inquisitive people.

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The School of Philosophy, Cambridge offers courses that can fit around your life style. No qualifications are required to register. Perfect for  anyone interested in the big questions of life and the world around us.

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As Philosophers, we love to make the benefits of Philosophy available and accessible to everyone. Our Philosophy events are an opportunity to explore a variety of Philosophical topics in pleasant and peaceful places.

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Our tutors use a practical approach to teaching. All of our tutors at The School of Philosophy Cambridge are volunteers with a wealth of experience and are perennial students themselves!

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